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 A word from the company’s CEO:

In (Wajeeh Platform for General Services) we look forward and are keen to serve the largest number of customers and communicate effectively with them until their request is completed. The most important goals of (Wajeeh Platform for General Services) are to preserve customer requests, make them the focus of our attention, and implement them in the required manner and with complete accuracy, given the many services that we provide. For example, no We are fully prepared to assist you in carrying out all your services and work through a distinguished work team for public services and to provide you with the finest services I also personally serve you with public relations and government relations.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Aqeel Al-Anzi
CEO of the company

Advertising and Marketing Responsible :  
M: Nawara Saad    

Customer Service Responsible:  
Professor: Muhammad Al-Sultan 

Public Relations Service Officer:  
Professor: Abdullah Nasser  

Customer Service ResponsibleMen's section:  
Professor:  Sultan Sultan 

:Customer Service Officer female department
 Professor / Sarah Saud

:Human Resources Officer 
 the professor / Khaled Al-Zahrani 

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